MASHED POTATOES (no butter or milk)




Potatoes (russet), I used 3 large
Greek yogurt (I use non-fat plain)
Minced garlic (see recipe below)
Garlic extra virgin olive oil
Dried jalapeños
Dried Chives
Dried Parsley
Onion powder
Garlic olive oil (see recipe below)

Put water on stove to boil, wash and cut potatoes into 1/8, once boiling add potatoes to water, cook until tender (I lost track of time).

One done strain potatoes but, save a small amount of water (~.5-.75 cups). Put potatoes back into pan. Add water use potato masher to break potatoes.

Add potatoes to a food processor, add Greek yogurt (~3/4 cup), oil (minimal amount), seasonings, minced garlic to the potatoes. Blend until smooth. Enjoy!

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