Applewood Smoked Bacon and Veggie Breakfast Skillet




Frozen hash browns
Portabella mushrooms
Peppers (I used red, orange, & yellow)
Applewood smoked bacon
Shredded cheese (I used a mix of Monterey Jack, mozzarella & cheddar) salt and pepper to taste
*I didn’t not say how much to use so you can expand/ or minimize the recipe

Cut and clean veggies into pieces, cook bacon in large skillet pan (I used my heavy duty wok because I don’t have a skillet. I also ripped the bacon some so it wasn’t in strips). Once cooked take bacon out of pan and let drain. Use the bacon drippings as the fat for the potatoes.
Cook potatoes according to package (salt and pepper potatoes) In a separate pan, cook peppers and mushrooms. Once cooked set aside. Then, lightly cook the asparagus (don’t over cook because mushy asparagus is nasty). Once cooked set aside.
Place the veggies on top of the potatoes. (I left the asparagus whole). Top the veggies with broken up pieces of bacon. In a separate pan, begin to cook your eggs (whatever way you want). Before fully cooked, put the eggs on top of the veggies salt and pepper the eggs. Top with cheese turn heat to low and cover until cheese melts and the eggs are done. Serve and enjoy!

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